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Crucial Tips When Buying Electronic Cigarette

June 7th, 2014

So you are a smoker who wants to switch to electronic cigarettes? Congratulations! You are making a great decision because E-cigarettes can surely make your life better. However, you must know that in order for the switch to succeed, you should take time and perseverance to find the best E-cigarette for your needs. The best E-cigarette is a personal choice. Here are some crucial tips to buy the best E-cigarette for you.

Read Electronic Cigarette Reviews
The first step to find best E-cig for you is to look for a reputable brand. You can do this by reading E-cig reviews and visiting forums. Look for Halo cigs review, Apollo cigs review, Green Smoke review and V2 cigs review. They are the top E-cig brands of today and they are our most recommended brands too. There are so many E-cigarette review sites nowadays so you will not have a hard time finding one. However, make sure to read only reliable review sites as some are just funded through affiliate marketing. Find a review site where they give both the positives and the negatives, and where everything they say is based on testing.

The Cigarette Factor
After reading electronic cigarette reviews, it’s time to test a few E-cig brands and look for that cigarette factor. If you are new to the e-cigarette world, then the transition would be easier if you would choose an E-cig brand that feels like smoking real cigarettes (Green Smoke reviews say that Green Smoke is the brand that is closest to the real thing overall). It should give off thick vapor and a full throat hit and will give you that great flavor. The looks are also important as it should be the same size as real cigarettes and can be pack anywhere you go.

Determine The Right Nicotine Strength For You
With E-cigarettes, you now have the power to control your nicotine consumption. If you are a heavy smoker you can choose the 24mg strength. Average smokers find 18mg and 12mg strength the best for them as this nicotine strength seem to have the same test as your regular tobacco cigarettes. While light smokers can choose 6mg. Other people who want to be totally free from nicotine can choose the 0mg.

Make Sure You Have Support
As a newbie, you probably don’t know everything about e-cigarettes. This is why a great customer service support is needed to help you make the transition. So choose an E-cig brand that has a great customer support system, where their agents are highly trained and respectful. E-cig review about Halo cigs say that halo cigs have the best customer support in the industry.

Money Back Guarantees and Warranties
It’s also best to find an E-cig brand that gives out great money back guarantees and warranties. This allows you a security plus it also tells you that the manufacturer is confident in their product – enough to risk their fee on your satisfaction. According to Apollo cigs reviews and V2 cigs reviews, they both give out lifetime warranties in their products which is just awesome!

Do the Math
Last but definitely not the least is to find an E-cigarette brand that produces high quality E-cigarettes but still manage to offer their products at an affordable price. Also look for e-cig brands that offer E-cig coupons to help you get instant discount in your purchases.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes vs. Apollo e-Cigarettes

May 15th, 2014

The world of smoking has definitely evolved since the emergence of the electronic cigarettes a few years ago. From tobacco leaves rolled into strips of paper to the rechargeable sticks that emit vapor instead of smoke.

Two brands stand out and give smokers options that match their taste, lifestyle and ease of use. With reviews from both brands, it is up to the user on what they will choose.

V2 Electronic Cigarettes

V2 e-cigarettes are well-loved as it keeps the smokers away from tobacco cigarettes. A lot of satisfied customers have spoke in V2 cigs reviews that buying these devices from them will be beneficial and cost-effective as well. They can even get them on a lower price by getting V2 coupon codes available on partner websites. This brand offers the highest quality e-cigarettes for the many customers they now have. Plus they put a high standard on safety as it is the only manufacturer which makes batch testing transparent for their customers.

With the premium quality products they offer, V2 also offers online purchase on discount with coupon codes to save money especially when buying bulk orders. There are many choices for the e-liquids and flavors so consumers can easily switch from tobacco cigarettes to the e-cigarettes. These devices also boast of being cheaper and budget friendly compared to tobacco cigarettes so more and more smokers are switching. Their cartridges are labeled properly to avoid confusion and sealed for safety. It also comes with a USB charging kit with carrying cases that are attractive. What’s also making smokers to switch is the flavor that comes with the vapor called e-liquids that can be bought separately. It also is offered with discount for a number of flavors.

Apollo e-Cigarettes

This is hailed as one of the respected and popular brand of e-cigarettes today and has been manufacturing quality products for years. This is attested by the many long-time customers with their positive Apollo ecig reviews. The loyal customers like the black or white elegant packaging which makes them buy more and with a discount, why not? Also attracting customers is the accessories that come with every pack which is very useful for the busy customer. It can also be bought on promo price using the Apollo coupon codes found in their website.

Even their starter kits are user-friendly and new customers can get accustomed to it in no time. A complete set consists of the disposable e-cigarette, portable charging case, batteries, a USB charger and a pack of e-liquids called cartomizers. Starter kits can be bought on discount as well. Apollo e-cigarettes have the best product for all types of smokers. Even if you are new or an advanced user, you will be able to appreciate the selection to suit your needs even with the starter kits they have. Their e-liquid packages have passed strict laboratory standards and done by licensed chemists. There are over 30 flavors that can suit any smoker and made with high grade ingredients. Flavor packages are offered on promo price when bought online. The package is not complete without the batteries and using their unique technology heats up the e-liquid to create the right amount of vapor. Customers leave reviews that make other smokers choose Apollo e-cigarettes and continue to buy their high-quality products.

Runner Up: Halo Cigs

Another brand that’s been impressing us lately is Halo cigs. Halo cigs can compete with V2 cigs and Apollo cigs in terms of the quality of their E-cigarettes and the flavors. For more in depth review of Apollo cigs, visit today.

What Mom Never Told You About Karmaloop Coupon Codes. A Quick Review

February 6th, 2014

urbanwear What Mom Never Told You About Karmaloop Coupon Codes. A Quick Review

According to – “Urban streatwear is a prominent part of popular fashion that originated in African American youth on the scene of New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Detroit, Memphis, Virginia, Atlanta, and St. Louis among others.” Are you a fan of this fashion also known as hip hop fashion where one wear free slowing dress that lets you express yourself? If you are, then you definitely have heard about Karmaloop is the most popular brand when it comes to urban streetwear and no other sites can compare on the urban styles that karmaloop offers in a very affordable price. Read on as we do a short review about Karmaloop and later on give Karmaloop coupons for you to save as much as 50% in your Karmaloop purchases.

About Karmaloop

Founded by Greg Selkoe in 2000, is now one of the world’s largest and most-respected online retailers of “urban streetwear”. Their urban streetwear line includes footwear, apparel and accessories from over 500 men’s and women’s popular brands around. Karmaloop headquarter is at Boston, Massachusetts with an office and TV studio in New York City and Denmark. As of today, Karmaloop attracts more than 4.5 million unique monthly visitors in 80 countries.

Karmaloop website has an easy to use design with simple navigation to let users quickly find a brand or a particular item of clothing that they want to buy. It is split into two main sections; one for men and one for women and there is a drop down selection box in the top navigation to let you see all of the available brands they offer. It’s also possible to quickly find any sales and discount items via large buttons on the navigation or by well presented photos and calls to action on the homepage.

Brands Offered

Karmaloop stocks hundreds of different urban streetwear brands and it is awesome that all these great labels can be found in just one place, you’ll never need to go to any other site again. Karmaloop offers Adidas, Converse, Dickies, Dr. Martens, Levis, New Balance, Puma, SkullCandy, Timberland, G-star, Vans and many more.

Customer Service & Returns Policy
Karmaloop return and refunds policy is very consumer friendly however, it is still not a perfect one. Customers can return any item within 30 days and you can also get a store credit voucher or promo code to make amends to your inconvenience. Be aware though that this return policy is not applicable for items that you bought with a 40% reduction on price as there are no refunds on sale items. Whilst this policy isn’t the best available with online retailers, it is still pretty decent compare to other online retailers. Karmaloop also has a great reputation when it comes to customer service. Their support system is quick to answer all your questions and needs every time you contact them through phone or email. We found this policy to be similar to v2cigs.

Karmaloop Coupon Codes

Karmaloop rep codes that lets their shoppers get their orders in a much affordable price by entering the coupon codes before the checkout. Typically Karmaloop offers between 10% and 20% off during peak purchase periods and as much as 50% off in regular seasons. And as promise, here are the Karmaloop promo codes we’ve found around the web for you. Take advantage of these KL codes today!

Get 41% off all items using the code SUMO + 40XTRA (applies to orders over $100 excluding New Arrivals)
Get 40% off all Items + free shipping using the code SUMO + KLBOWL (Over $350 purchase)
Get 31% off all Items + free shipping using the code SUMO + XTRAXTRA (Over $150 purchase)
Get 26% off all Items + free shipping using the code SUMO + HOT25 (Over $100 purchase)
50% off jacket orders using the code SUMO + JACK50 (Over $75 purchase)
41% off sneakers using the code SUMO + KLPOLAR (Over $75 purchase)

You can also find these and more deals for Plndr.

Why You Should Try Kaspersky Antivirus Right Now

January 21st, 2014

The dominance of cyber threats such as malware and virus puts our personal computers at a very compromising situation. To avoid the risk of losing your files and your identity, it is important to equip your laptops, desktops and even mobile devices with the best possible anti-virus protection.

Since many of you might have taken advantage of Thanksgiving deals and Boxing Day sales on laptops and personal computers, it’s the perfect time to invest in antivirus software.

Kaspersky is one of the most reputable manufacturers of antivirus software worldwide. They have developed a number of virus removal tools such as Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky PURE 3.0 and Kaspersky AntiVirus, which are designed to protect devices from the latest cyber threats such as virus, spam and malware.

Aside from being touted as a reliable IT company, Kaspersky has also gotten positive reviews from third-party testers and security organizations. Here are some of the reasons why Kaspersky would make for a good investment for your laptops and personal computers:

  •  Ease of Use

kaspersky antivirus software Why You Should Try Kaspersky Antivirus Right Now  Kaspersky users find the software extremely easy to use and customizable. Not only does the antivirus software allow you to toggle specific features and change the appearance of the software interface, it also allows you to schedule scans in advance as well as adjust security levels easily.

  •  Features

Aside from providing basic antivirus protection, the software also includes real-time security as you use the Internet to surf, chat or download files. In the event of an infection or potential threat, the software automatically prompts you and provides you with quick access to identify and fix the problem.

More so, Kaspersky keeps up with current hacking technology by preventing exploits that might come via legitimate applications such as Java and Adobe Reader.

  •  Customer Care & Support

Kaspersky provides their users with great support. They have a searchable online knowledge base, so you can quickly access FAQs and product manuals. They also have an active user forum that you can browse at any time.

So, if  you’ve been meaning to buy a Kaspersky antivirus software for your laptop or PC, now is the perfect time to do so.

  •  Kaspersky Coupon Codes and Promos

This month, you can save up to $30 on the most popular Kaspersky products with these kaspersky coupon codes.

Kaspersky is offering the following discounts when you buy through their online shop:

  • $30 off the Internet Security Multi-device Software
  • $25 off the Ultimate PC Protection Software
  • $20 off the Premium PC Protection Software

In addition, Kaspersky is offering buyers from US and Canada a 30-day trial for their antivirus software.

If you’re not from the US or Canada, don’t worry!

Make sure to check out this site daily and we’ll keep you posted on more Kaspersky coupon codes that can help you score great deals on already affordable products!

That is not a promise. That is a guarantee.

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Tips To Trim Your Grocery Bill

January 21st, 2014

A lot of people now spend more money every month on groceries than they do on their cars.

groceries 300x201 Tips To Trim Your Grocery Bill

This only means that grocery shopping now ranks as the second-highest monthly expense after paying rent mortgages.

If you do the math, saving just $20 a week on your grocery bill can save you more than $1,000 a year.

Here are some excellent tips to help you save money on your weekly groceries:

1. Make sure to use coupons.

A number of manufacturers are offering grocery coupons to encourage buyers to purchase more of their products. Similarly, a lot of retailers have also followed suit in order to entice shoppers to buy from their stores instead of their competitors. For regular folks like you and me, this is an opportunity for us to take advantage of savings. You can find coupons in your weekly papers or even, coupons online. It doesn’t make sense to pay full price when you can cop the same products at a much cheaper price!

2. Skip the popular brands.

Whether you’re planning to buy toilet paper or pasta sauce, house brands or no-name brands are often cheaper than well-marketed national brands. Products manufactured by multinational companies are not necessarily superior, but here’s the reason why popular brands are more expensive: they have to recover their advertising costs with high unit prices.

3. Avoid buying pre-packaged goods and meals.

Pre-packaged goods and frozen products are always more expensive than the fresh ingredients themselves. Why? Because you have to pay a premium for convenience! Don’t succumb to this marketing trick. Consumer Reports once found that two pounds of carrots cost $1.29, compared with $7.16 for the same amount of precut sticks.

4. Sign up for loyalty programs.

Most supermarkets have designed loyalty programs which allow members to take advantage of members-only savings on selected products. Since signing up is free and easy, it doesn’t hurt to spare five minutes of your time registering for a loyalty card.

5. Stack your pantry.

Non-perishable items such as canned goods, toilet paper and pasta noodles have long shelf life.  Buy in bulk when they are on sale, so you have enough supply to last you for months. It will require a larger cash outlay but you will definitely be saving up a lot in the long run.

6. Cook in big batches.

Cook double batches of your favorite dishes and then put the extra in the freezer for some another time. There are a ton of blogs and websites that have terrific ideas and recipes for freezer meals. Not only will this save you lots of money, this kitchen hack will also save you lots of time.


V2 Cigs Coupons And Other Tips To Convince Someone To Switch

January 1st, 2014

v2 cigs review 15 300x200 V2 Cigs Coupons And Other Tips To Convince Someone To Switch

It’s likely that when you’ve successfully switch from traditional cigarettes to V2 E-cigarettes and you’ve experience its awesome benefits, you would want to share this very positive experience and healthier alternative to your friends and love ones that are also smoking. You maybe looking for ways to introduce V2 Ecigarettes to them and finally quit smoking. Well, In order to convince someone to switch, you need extra dosage of information or something that will motivate them to quit. It’s not enough

We’re here to help you with this electronic cigarette review of V2 cigs. Let us outline what you need to tell them and before you know it, you’ve made your friends and love ones switch to V2 e-cigs. Read on.

1st step: Tell a Brief Introduction
It is important that you tell anyone a brief introduction about E-cigarettes in general as well as the brand itself to buy, V2 cigs. What are they? How are they use? Where it started and some other general information. Tell them that E-cigarettes is an electronic device made to look like cigarettes and bring the same feel and taste of smoking. It is compose of two primary parts, the batteries and the cartridges. When someone puff in an E-cigarette (much like how they do it in real cigarettes) The battery is powered and it then causes the cartridge to heat up the E-liquid that is contain in it. The E-liquid will then turn into vapor giving the throat hit and flavors for the smokers. The first E-cigs was traced back as early as 1927 but it wasn’t until the year 2007 that the industry received its first international patent and started selling it in China. Ever since then, E-cigarettes had spread into the US, UK and other parts of the world. With its increasing popularity and demand, more and more manufacturers join the Electronic cigarette world, including V2 ecigs.

V2 cigs is one of the top E-cigarette brands nowadays, they are best known in producing high quality E-cigarettes and their transparency to their customers as they are the only brand who list all the ingredients of their E-liquids in their site as well as the result of all their batch testing and quality assessment tests. Their E-liquids are also one of the best around boasting flavors that taste like real cigarettes such as Marlboro Red (V2 red), Camel (Sahara) and Winston (Menthol).

2nd step: List all the benefits
Give enough reasons for your friends and love ones to consider switching. There are so many and oftentimes people dont really know it all. So inform them by checking out this benefit list. This is not all the benefits (as there are so many) but we did our best to really point out the best.

– We know that cigarettes are harmful for our health. In contains thousands of hazardous chemicals including 60 that are cancerous. V2 E-cigarettes dont have all this chemicals, it only has nicotine (and you can also choose to go nicotine free) which is not really harmful.
– Cigarettes are harmful to others, you can make some innocent people sick through second hand smoking. V2 cigs only produce vapor which doesnt produce second hand smoking.
– Cigarettes ruin our mother earth. First, its smoke causes air pollution. Second, cigarette butts can take up to 10 years to decompose nd they generate a huge strain on public landfills. By switching to V2 cigs, you can help better the environment and stop pollution.
– You can vape almost anywhere. Even in public areas such as airports, libraries, hospitals, bars, clubs and more. There are no restrictions.
– V2 e-cigarettes are more affordable than cigarettes. It cuts the cost for half or more! An average smoker cost around $300-$500. Imagine cutting that cost into half and saving more than a thousand dollars a year. You can then use that thousand dollars in other things.

3rd step: V2 cigs coupons and rewards
If all the things mentioned above is still not enough. Then these V2 cigs coupon codes would nail it! V2 cigs love their loyal customers and because of that, they always give coupons, discounts and rewards. These v2 coupon codes 2014 we’ve found at would help you save as much as 50% in your total purchase. Now you dont need to spend that much when you first try E-cigarettes.

NYE Promo Code: Save 40% Off NYE Kit Using The Code: CHIMNEY
Take 30% Off Ultimate Starter Kit Using The Code: VAPORLIFE15
Take 15% OFF All Types Of V2 Cigs Starter Kits Using The Code: VAPORLIFE15
10% OFF V2 Cigs All Items Using The Code: VAPORLIFE10
20%-45% OFF V2 Clearance Items

Similar Discount Codes: Vapor Zone 10% Off Code

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